About Cusshi

Cusshi is a product which has stemmed from personal experience, as a woman there will have been countless times when you are caught with no proper disposal method for used sanitary products. Whether that’s in a summer festival, over at your friend’s house, or that first sleepover with a significant other!

The products currently on the market for sanitary disposable are inadequate, non-sealable, indiscreet and unfortunately resemble something of a doggy bag. Cusshi are here to change that. We have worked tirelessly to make the perfect sized bag with the best materials, which seal properly with no chance of leaks.

As much as society has come a long way in their attitude towards women, periods are still a taboo! They happen every month, to every woman. Cusshi is here to make this ‘public secret’ a subject which people aren’t afraid to talk about.

Be you. Be Cusshi.

Isabel Rosendor – Creator

Hello! My name is Isabel Rosendor, I’m 23 years old and studying Law in Belgium. I combine my studies with entrepreneurship and I love it! Women deserve only the best and there is no reason why that shouldn’t apply when she has her period. Cusshi won’t be able to make your cramps stop, but it will make your period more bearable, knowing you always have a discreet storage and disposal option for your products. I designed Cusshi to be something that is in every woman’s handbag, pocket or backpack. I wanted to crowdfund my product so that I can bring this solution to every woman in the world.

Cusshi is all about empowering women and giving us the freedom to go, be, and do what we want, without any barriers.


Cusshi is part of Artepreneur CVBA, an initiative by Artevelde Hogeschool. Artepreneur helps student-entrepreneurs by providing them with a framework and support, so that students can combine building a company and furthering their education.