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Talking about something that may make you feel uncomfortable, can be made so much easier if someone shares their story, too.

Here at Cusshi, we have asked real women to share how Cusshi could have made their lives easier. If you’re brave enough to share your Cusshi story, simply post it in the online form below and you can have a slot on our page with all of the other lovely ladies. If you don’t want to post a name, you don’t have to, we want to create a place where women are comfortable being themselves and sharing their stories.
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‘I realise I got to this age where your boyfriend’s mom no longer has her period… No more bins in the toilet, no tampons, absolutely nothing to help a girl on her period. You could throw your tampon in the bin in the kitchen of your mother in law… or maybe not right? Thank you Isabel!’

– Marthe

‘I went to the Science Museum in London with a male friend, and when I opened my bag in the lobby to pay for my ticket, somehow three bright yellow tampons jumped out of my bag and started rolling across the floor in every direction (their floors are conveniently smooth, perfect for tampon racing). My friend and various families watched politely as I wildly ran after them. Storing them in a cusshi bag would have spared me (and the elderly gentleman whose foot one of them rolled against) some embarrassment.’

– SisterSister

‘Visiting friends during my period is always exciting, especially when they are mainly boys. They often don’t have a bin in the toilet, because they don’t think about that.
So then what? Cusshi could have prevented a lot embarrassing moments!’

– Rani

‘I remember being at a festival once, on my period, which is bad enough! Going to the loo and needing to change my tampon and there being absolutely nowhere for me to dispose of it. If I’d have had Cusshi then, I would have stocked up on a whole load of them! It would have made my life so much easier. The design of the bag is so good too, if I had to chuck it in a bin no one would have had any clue what it was!’

– Frustrated Festival Female

‘The worst time has got to be staying over at my new boyfriend’s house for the first time on my period. That horrific moment when there is literally nowhere to put it! Wrapping it in tissue isn’t going to work, I don’t buy those other bags on the market because they look like dog poo bags. I was totally stuck. I had to just be gross and wrap it in tissue and stuff it in my bag. Seriously could have done with Cusshi in my life!’

– Daniella, Liverpool

‘Ok so, you know when you go to your friend’s house and you aren’t on that total barrier-less best friend level yet? That is when I could have done with a Cusshi! Even though we’re both girls, it’s still embarrassing having to dispose of used sanitary products when you don’t know someone too well!’

– Alexa, Manchester